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Showcasing South African talent, while preserving binding and printing heritage. Sometimes in the middle of last year, while recuperating after another mad, overnight, want-it-tomorrow-job, we decided that it is time to take our life back. With all the letterpress, binding and laser engraving commissions, there was no time for anything fun. Except for few daily cups of coffee, that is. Sure, we are grateful for being busy, but every time our eyes fell on Columbian, Albion, Intertype or any other of the dozens of machines we managed to save, we realised that they have not been used in months. Somehow quietly the fun hobby became a job. Without noticing, we turned into slaves of our own success. Things needed to change. The challenge was seemingly simple: to create a product that everyone needs, can afford, and will want to buy. It had to be easy enough to manufacture, possibly on

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imPRESSed Studio or Museum, you decide

After three years, it is time to refresh our web presence. Original performed rather well. We got lots of compliments about the look and feel. Locally we feature on top of relevant Google searches. The site still conveys our story in a powerful yet simple way. The current ABOUT US is essentially the same, with notable exception of gallery, which we moved to its own folder. However, the static nature of the original site began to fall behind the ever changing dynamics of imPRESSed. When we started we were not quite sure where this adventure will lead us. Trying to follow in the footsteps of great studios, our goal was to create a space that would be revered by young and old, and one that would allow future generations of typographers, designers, artists, access to facilities that are unique in South Africa. We believe we did just that, judging

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