Welcome to South African Virtual Printing Museum

A unique, interactive platform dedicated to showcase imPRESSed Collection of binding and printing tools and apparatus. The collection aims to preserve artefacts from onset of printing in South Africa until end of the ‘hot metal’/letterpress era. With the industry shift towards the digital solutions, some of the equipment on display are sole examples in existence locally.

Unlike most museums we also maintain all the machinery in working order, with few exceptions that are in the process of restoration. We also strive to save and document the knowledge necessary to operate them.

We intend the museum to be a ‘living’ site,  with new content, stories and videos being added on regular basis.

Please note: the current virtual museum is using Matterport’s Workshop Beta software. There are a few glitches that we hope will be resolved by the developers soon. The most glaring one is the landing view. By clicking on the screen, position the blue sphere in the centre, enter and enjoy.