Bianca Giani Signature Journal – January 2019


In October 2018 we got a request for letterpress cards from a student at University of Johannesburg, Bianca Giani. The timing could never been better: for months we were working on the new imPRESSed website, and Signature Journals were part of the new look. Bianca bravely accepted the challenge and her artwork features on the first ever Signature Journal, enjoy.


Bianca Giani Signature Journal – January 2019

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  • Cover and end leaf design by talented Bianca Giani.
  • Innards layout by imPRESSed.
  • Book block paper stock: 80g Kami wood free bound.
  • End leaf paper stock: Admiral 220g Laid paper.
  • Book covering material: Italian 100% Polyurethane : DENIM or NADIR.
  • Printed entirely on: 1960s Heidelberg KS ‘Baby’ Cylinder letterpress machine
  • Folded: by hand – as yet we have not come across folding machine that would match the character of  our collection.
  • Book block sewing: 1990 Minami Keiko thread book sewing machine
  • Foiling block for the over artwork produced for us by the good guys at Bros Engraving in Cape Town.
  • Foiling done on: 1920s hand operated and fed Harrild & Sons blocking press no.6
  • Casing in: done by hand at imPRESSed.
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