Christi-Lee Signature Journal


Christi-Lee is the second illustrator featured in the Signature journal series. Her design for the cover ‘Make your own magic’ was inspired by her visit to our studio and is a nod to everyone who wishes for a bit of magic in their lives.


Christi-Lee Signature Journal

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  • Cover and end leaf design by Christi-Lee.
  • Book block paper stock: 80g Kami wood free bound 
  • End leaf paper stock: Admiral 220g Laid paper.
  • Book covering material: Italian 100% Polyurethane : DENIM or NADIR.
  • Book block printed on: 1960s Heidelberg KS ‘Baby’ Cylinder letterpress machine.
  • Folded on 1960s Polygraph D6 Rz hand feed folding machine.
  • Book block sewing: 1990 Minami Keiko thread book sewing machine.
  • Foiling blocks for the cover artwork produced by the Bros Engraving in Cape Town.
  • Foiling done on: 1920s hand operated and fed Harrild & Sons blocking press no.6
  • Casing in: done by hand at imPRESSed.
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