Journal 2017 - Letterpress Journal


In 2016 we had this great idea to make the ultimate journal. Entirely hand printed and bound. With zigzag end leafs and hand sewn head bands. Made to last for centuries. We were even brave enough to put on title page that we will produce 500 of them…

Looking back, the only conclusion we can arrive at, is that, well, we were quite high on the grape juice from Cape: each journal required over three hours to make. With all the time consumed making them, there was no time for marketing, and well, we gave up after making just short of 100 of them. We still have some left, dinosaurs from the epoch of Great Excitement. Never to be repeated at this price.


Journal 2017 - Letterpress Journal

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  • Cover and end leaf design by imPRESSed.
  • Book block paper stock: Kimi 80g Bond.
  • Book block printed on 1963 Korrex Hannover proof press.
  • End leaf paper stock: Conqueror Laid 220g
  • End leafs: printed from vintage wood type on 1961 Korrex Hannover proof press.
  • Book block sewing: by hand on tapes for ultimate longevity.
  • Head bands: hand sewn at imPRESSed.
  • Book covering material: DaGama Shweshwe cotton cloth over half leather (meaning: spine and corners are genuine locally sourced leather).
  • Bound: in split boards by hand at imPRESSed studio.
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