Trekkers Journal Mini


Wild, unexplored Africa. This utopian dream brought countless explorers, adventures and troublemakers to this continent. Of course Africa was far from wild or unexplored, for those living here for thousands of years that is. To European eyes this was the place of wonders and many journals were filled with accounts of marvels found here. Our Trekker Journals, based on timeless Japanese design, would have felt perfectly at home in the hands of those fearless men and women. Alas, their time has passed, their stories can be read in books. Now it is your time to trek the world and write down your stories. With trusty Trekkers Journal of course.


Trekkers Journal Mini

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  • Cover material: South African Veg tan 2mm leather.
  • Book block paper stock: Conquerror Bamboo Crème 100g
  • Booklet cover material: varies, depending on edition.
  • Cover and innards letterpress printed on:  1957 Heidelberg Tiegel  letterpress machine
  • Sewn by hand, saddle stitch
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