Woodtype Posters


Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … well, Cape Town actually, while buying our first Intertype, we casually asked Mark Merckel, third generation printer, what other treasures he has from the hey days of letterpress. “Wood type” he said. Well, his 60 sets of wooden type become the beginning of our drive to save this quickly disappearing artefact. With many printers making wall collages and tossing the rest, and others selling letter by letter on flea markets, finding complete sets become rare occurrence. Entire cases, unheard of in South Africa.

In order to allow us to save future finds, we started releasing typographical and arty-farty posters printed entirely from wooden type in our collection.  

French Antique by Stephenson, Blake and Co.  letterpress poster.

Woodtype Posters

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  • Font used: French Antique by Stephenson, Blake and Co.
  • Paper stock: Wild 300g white
  • Letterpress printed in two or more colours on 1961 Korrex Hannover poof press.
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